Enjoy Cultural Events in Louisville, KY

Many people would agree that their best trips involve visits to festivals and cultural events. If you enjoy gathering with fun-loving people, this is the right article for you. The beautiful city of Louisville, Kentucky, comes alive many times per year, and that is all thanks to its famous events.

So you can enjoy a city with many annual cultural celebrations, we’ve shortened the potential selection to just a couple events that we deem “must-attends.” This  useful guide will help you to take advantage of the greatest accommodation deals in Louisville. Read on to learn how to plan a trip designed for your travel style.

St. James Court Art Show

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One of the most notable art festivals in Louisville that you can visit with family or friends is the St. James Court Art Show, which is held on the first weekend of October. This is a fine arts and crafts show with a professional artist selection jury, so be ready for lot of positive and creative energy. The story behind this show is amazing, and has earned it an excellent reputation.

The St. James Court Art Show was founded on October 12, 1957 by the St. James Court Association president. Initially, it was meant to serve as an art exhibit that could welcome anyone who wanted to see great art. The hosts strung clothesline from tree to tree and hung the pictures from the line.

Today, according to an annual survey of artists by the trade journal Sunshine Artist, the St. James Art Show was voted the best art show for many years. It gathers nearly 750 exhibitors and more than 300,000 attendees in all.  Primarily, the St. James Court Art Show continues to praise the history of St. James Court to date.  Plaques on the former homes of poets, authors, and mayors signify and give tribute to their memorable lifetime achievements. If you want to be part of this magnificent story, book your accommodation ahead of time.

Garvin Gate Blues Festival

Every year in October, historic Old Louisville welcomes one of the most famous and influential blues festivals  between Chicago and Mississippi: the Garvin Gate Blues. This part of the Louisville is the largest Victorian preservation neighborhood in the U.S. and creates a special ambiance worth experiencing. From the very beginning, the foundation of Garvin Gate drew numerous leading blues musicians to perform at this two-day music event. Since 1988, the Garvin Gate Blues Festival has promoted local and national performers in the blues music industry and the arts industry as well, and has drawn the attention of a multicultural audience.

Open Studio Weekend

Art admirers who ether appreciate the imaginative and technical skills of talented individuals or are eager to collect artwork can attend the Open Studio Weekend Festival every year in November. In their studios, artists from all around Louisville welcome visitors, and the guests have a chance to capture beautiful moments of art-making in person. This event is a perfect opportunity to acquire unique pieces of art from favorite artists during studio sales.

Meeting up-and-coming artists serves as an experience of its own. What makes this festival significant is that the Open Studio Weekend (OSW), in a collaboration with the LVA and University of Louisville Hite Art Institute, raises funds for LVA’s signature program, Children’s Fine Art Classes, and the Hite Art Institute’s Mary Spencer Nay Scholarship program. This means that all the funds collected from the sold artwork go toward supporting local talent. Who wouldn’t want to participate in Open Studio Weekend?

Kentucky Derby

Image via Flickr by Bill Brine

Would you like to be part of one of the nation’s top celebrations? The Kentucky Derby Festival is an exciting event, and it lasts from mid-April to May. With more than 1.5 million visitors, this is Kentucky’s largest annual event. Many of the 70 entertainment options will bring you mind-blowing memories. From spectacular fireworks shows to concerts, marathons, races, parties and much more, this is a ceremony that is as diverse as it is unique. The Kentucky Derby Festival received the notable International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA) World Festival & Event City award five times for compelling input in the community and constant work on improvement of the community’s culture, education and economy.

What festival type are you?

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