Hipmunk Hotels: Fantastic hotel deals in mountain states Saint George, Phoenix, Colorado Springs

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Hotels in Saint George, UT

Saint George, Utah, is a city that offers accommodations for every budget. Whether you like fancy places or are just a student who wants to have a good time on a budget, you can always find a suitable place to stay. The City of Saint George provides all types of entertainment – recreational, cultural, or fun nightlife options for its visitors. A typical Saturday night stay may cost between $69-$89 for more affordable hotels, such as the Best Western Travel Inn. In case you desire fancier options, such as The Green Gate Village Historic Inn or World Mark St. George hotel, be prepared to pay several hundred dollars per night, but in exchange you will be able to enjoy beautiful mountain views from the comfort of your room and have delicious dining and room service options available until the late night hours.

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Hotels in Phoenix, AZ

Depending on your vacation budget, Phoenix, Arizona, as one of the largest cities in the United States, has numerous hotels and many beautiful resorts. Because of the sunny weather all year around, Phoenix is known for its great spas, and as a perfect place for relaxation. Its diversity of attractions, from artistic and cultural to fun outdoor activities, make this city a vibrant and desirable destination. Tempe Mission Palms and the Best Western Airport Inn are just a couple options you will find here. One of many affordable choices is America’s Best Value Inn-Downtown Phoenix motel, or if you want to stay in the center of it all, then the Hyatt Regency Phoenix would be a good fit for a reasonable price.

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Hotels in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs is known for its beautiful, unspoiled nature, and many opportunities to explore. If you are planning your trip with your family or getting ready for a solo adventure, this place has many hotels that offer good deals all year around. For an upscale experience, try the Garden of the Gods Club and Resort, which is close to one of the national parks. Rates start at $150 a night. But you can also find more affordable options, like Eagle Motel in Manitou Springs, where a double room costs just $60 per night.

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Hotels in Reno, NV

If you enjoy visiting the City of Las Vegas and the type of entertainment Sin City offers, you would certainly enjoy Reno. For the best deals on hotels in Reno, plan your holiday in advance. April to May and October to November are considered the most suitable months for visiting when traveling on a budget. The city has so much to offer, from casinos, nightclubs and restaurants to great parks, museums and festivals, Reno is worth visiting with your family. It is very easy to find affordable accommodations in Reno, since there are plenty of low-cost motels or hotel chains, including Quality Inn or Motel 6. For a more extravagant experience, there is the Atlantis Casino Resort and Peppermill Resort Spa Casino, which are fantastic combinations of price and quality.

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Hotels in Laughlin, NV

Never been to Nevada and never seen the Colorado River? Some of the best promotions are offered by Nevada City in cooperation with the larger casinos, and those promotions are hard to resist. Attractive Pay and Play packages are offering accommodations under $50 per night in the Golden Nugget and the Tropicana Express. Amazing hotels and casinos are what Nevada is known for, and hotels like The Colorado Belle provide an airport shuttle, great rates and other tempting package amenities.

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