Krašići and a La Dolce Vita vacation

Mountains are invigorating, lakes are romantic, and towns are rich with fascinating artistic and historical heritage, but the place where we all really want to go for our summer vacations is the seaside. The choice of destination for a summer vacation will primarily be based on the quality of the beaches and the sea. Krašići in the Bay of Kotor is one place that fits right in with this idea of a perfect break.


Situated just 12 km from the Tivat airport, in a small bay of the same name, nestled among the foothills, Krašići is a popular summer destination and holiday resort for both local inhabitants and international visitors alike. They are all in search of their own La dolce vita vacation. We might also call it a sweet escape from reality – one of those rare few charming, dream-like places that offer a peaceful haven and a relaxing, natural ambiance during the hot summer months.


Since the Krašići coastline is only three kilometers long, and relatively easy to get around on foot, a bicycle or vehicle, you will have a chance to note the differences between Old and New


Krašići. Along the shore in Old Krašići, you can see the authentic old stone houses, formerly primarily fisherman’s houses, while in the new part, luxurious, modern buildings predominate.



The view from Krašići is unique due to the Bay of Tivat being the largest of the inlets within the Bay of Kotor, but this is not the only thing that makes it special. It offers the most beautiful view of the Krtoli (or Priestly) Archipelago with its three islands (Miholjska Prevlaka, also known as the Island of Flowers, Sveti Marko – St. Mark’s island, and Gospa od Milosti – Our Lady of Mercy island), which no other town can boast. These islands are jewels of the Mediterranean, abounding in history and lore, especially Miholjska Prevlaka, which was the seat of the first Zeta episcopacy (founded in 1219 by St. Sava).


The sea water in this bay is always warmer than in other swimming spots because it is very shallow, especially in the direction of Solila.  The atmosphere of Krašići is distilled in its beaches, beach bars and on the terraces of its restaurants. The summer heat is best conquered with a cocktail, a fresh aroma rising from a dinner plate, or a healthy dose of ice cream. If you plan to visit the Krašići hinterland, a more rural vibe is available through walking tours and an excursion called the Tastes and Aromas of Luštica, during which you can delight in a panoramic view of the entire bay from the top of a hill. If you prefer to remain on the coast, an excursion to two large beaches on the open sea—Plavi Horizonti and Žanjice—is a must, just a ten minute drive from Krašići.

The Beach at Krašići

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