3. Future Tourism Conference from 04 – 07.05. 2019. in Budva

Future Tourism conference will be organized by the International Association of Students of Tourism and Hospitality (IASTH) and the host Student’s Organization “Turist” and the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management in Kotor. Future Tourism conference gathers participants from 10 European countries. 3rd Future Tourism conference will be held from 4th to 7th of May in Budva, Montenegro.

The conference will have two parts:
Future Tourism conference
International Scientific conference
The main topic of „Future Tourism” conference will be “Digital transformation in tourism“, trend gaining more importance each day. Tourism is one of the fastest growing fields in the world. The characteristics of tourism activity make it ideal for digital marketing application. Nowadays, with enormous competition present, it is necessary to offer creative solutions, distinguishing you from others, delighting the customers and enabling the establishment of permanent communication with them. By emphasizing new digital technologies, business in the field of tourism and hotel industry can be significantly improved. Within the conference, several thematic sessions will be held.
One thing which is not worth to miss: Future Tourism Conference 2019! http://www.ftcm.me

Top Reasons Why to Visit Montenegro in 2019


1. Vivid colors of nature
Montenegro is rich with intense green colors of nature and marine blue tones. In February, when nature in Montenegro awakens, bright yellow stretches through the lush vegetation and its dense Mimosa flower entertains winter lethargy. In the same period, cyclamen Camellias attire dense bushes and trees, and in the spring it is visible rhapsody of violet shades of Wisteria, Magnolia and Hydrangea. Nowhere as in Montenegro you will see a more thick and diverse vegetation on a smaller space. According to research, Montenegro is extremely rich in plant species; in this area there are 2,833 plant species and subspecies, and it is a habitat of 22 unique plants seen nowhere in the world except in Montenegro.
2. Old fortresses and towns
Montenegro is proud of its medieval architecture and numerous fortresses, castles, churches, monasteries and old abandoned places which represent historical monuments that have survived trough centuries. Less known, unusual and exciting locations that will convey the spirit of the rulers and conquerors, and evoke a way of life centuries back are: Fortress Forte Mare (HN), gutters old village (HN), Fort Mogren (Budva), Fort Vrmac (Tivat- Kotor), Fort Bastion (Niksic) Fortress Grmožur (Bar), Fortress (Fort) Lesendro (Bar), Ancient Roman city Dioklea (Duklja) PG. These and similar structures, you might encounter at every step in Montenegro, and they are the key to understanding the roots of Montenegrin culture.
3. Multiple festivals
With over 50 festivals and events per year, Montenegro has an affinity for good and unique entertainment with a quality content throughout the year. In Montenegro, there are festivals for all sorts of things, from Padespanj Festival (Pound Cake) to the Flowers fest, that celebrates flowers; such as days of Camellia and Mimosa flowers, film festival, comics festival, etc. However, the most popular are music festivals, which are mainly held during the summer months: Sea Dance, Lake fest, fest Bastion, Southern Soul Festival, the Guitar Art Festival, Jazz Festival and Refresh. This year, the Sea Dance festival welcomes the world famous music stars like David Guetta and Robin Schulz.
4. Cats everywhere
I believe, that to some people one of the top reasons to visit Montenegro is spontaneous presence of cats. In Montenegro, cats freely stroll the sidewalks, streets and parks. Maybe this kind of attitude towards cats many people outside of Montenegro find it unusual, but there are those who believe this concept of living together with the cats without inhibition, is extremely interesting and as such, sufficient to be one of the main reasons for tourists to come to Montenegro. Cats are everywhere. In Kotor, people especially take care of them; the city even opened a museum dedicated to them.
5. Unique beaches
Montenegro has no shortage of beautiful beaches. I can say this with confidence because I was born in the seaside town. For me, the beach is house, anywhere and everywhere. If you picture Montenegrin beaches, you probably think of Ada Bojana, Jaz or Sveti Stefan. In addition to these well-known beaches, Montenegro has spawned hundreds more pleasant summer sandy hideaways scattered on the Montenegrin 293km-long coast.
6. Over 20 lakes
Montenegrin lakes are magnificent and should be explored. Lake Skadar is the larges lake, Black lake along with Biogradsko, and Plav stands out with a unique natural beauty. You can still enjoy irrepressible nature on the shores of these lakes and that is what Montenegro is known for.
7. Favorable prices
Montenegro as a touristic destination, is much more affordable than most of the countries of the Southern and Western Europe. With about half the price compared to other European destinations, Montenegro offers variety of services and stays where you can enjoy in private accommodation, mountain or coastal villas. In addition to affordable logging, you can have fantastic gastronomic experiences on a daily basis for an average of 20 Euros per person.

Living the best life – Atelier DADO Gallery

In constant search of spaces which belong to her, she becomes obsessed with the feeling of not belonging. Emptiness becomes warm and the only one acceptable. Convinced that she unwaveringly walks through consciousness, she imposes on herself attributes that are not part of her. In the house dominated by cold and mould, in the endless silence of the night, she suddenly opens the door. The scene before her eyes becomes her only story.

Whiteness burdened her for a long time: walking through imaginary snow without feeling that it is inconstant, viewing it as black crystals and a source of heat. The shimmering of the light material ties her truth to fear. Still, this feels like a shelter. She begins to worry only about the blue.

Born in the place she has never left, she remembers each house she has stayed in. The circumstances and the environment have always been on her side, and she long believed that her voice could kill. And yet, she feels guilt and pangs of conscience. She lives in a close, four-member family and was brought up to control her dreams.


This exhibition explores social and spatial dimensions, which deconstruct and investigate the relationships between identity, spatiality and the ideas that represent them. The sitespecific work features monumental figural representations on the walls of the exhibition space. The oversized figures dominate the inner space, making a visual and textual composition, creating possible/imaginary circumstances and visual representations through their own problems. I am trying to create a visual representation with a touch of imaginary vision inserted into a realistically designed space.


When the process of “scratching” begins, various layers become visible in the space in which we exist – separate, ordinary people with our own personal stories and situations, who create the entire picture of a society. The intention is to displace memories within the space itself and encourage reflection of subjective thinking, varying in social contexts. The connection between space and memory, variable positions and circumstances, offers the possibility of different perspectives and an overlap of general and imaginary facts and interpretations.
In my art practice, I deal with the themes moving in the area of identity, gender, body, space and time. Individual exhibitions are grouped around specific themes and concepts, with the use of different mediums, materials and languages. The subjects of my research are personal and universal issues: man and outer appearance, body and the corporeal, transience and belonging, the phenomenon of one’s own experience and perception of the outside and the inner world. I use space as a medium through which I express my own poetics based upon ordinary objects for everyday use and imaginary situations through the concepts of belonging and transience.

9These site-specific works aim to visually map and define the spaces which are in a way linked to the woman and her presence, as well as to explore the possibilities of memory displacement and overlap in the same space.
The house of her ancestors. She remembers it: its small windows, the smell of soot, the attic, the rubber doll, the tapestry on the wall and the filthy floor. She was born in a place to which, once she left it, she has never returned. She is convinced that she has found her own space and she will never leave it. In the endless silence of the night she realizes the senselessness of what she was awaiting. She lives in a four-member family bringing them up to dream loudly.
Our stories define the places we share. And the picture we see can be changed by words.


Exhibition will be on display until December 29.

Working hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p. m.

Address: Adresa: Dvorski Trg 1, Cetinje, Crna Gora

Milijana Istijanovic was born in 1982 in Sombor. She received a bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Cetinje, Montenegro, Department of Sculpture, under Professor Pavle Pejovic. She has had seven solo exhibitions. Her work has been exhibited in international festivals and projects. She has won the Annual Award for Sculpture of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Cetinje, as well as the First Prize of the Herceg Novi Winter Salon. She has participated in several artist residency programs.

The “Top-3 Comic Book Festival” in the region

striphnToday, comics are a big part of the pop culture, and comic events are organized world wide in various capacities. If you enjoy TV, cinema and comic books, then a comic book festival has to be on your every year list to do because a good time is guaranteed.
Herceg Novi – Montenegro, is part of the world’s stage of comic festivals with its own annual festival of comics, which we follow every September. In Herceg Novi, for the past twelve years, since 2006 to be exact, HCF celebrates domestic and foreign cartoonists.
The very location of Herceg Novi Comic Festival is the center of this medieval, dreamy beach town, and the festival is characterized by workshops, exhibitions, exchange of comics, concerts and parties.
For more than a decade, the world’s biggest names in all fields of “ninth art” have been honored guests and participants of HSF. Just some of the names that elevated the festival to the international level and contributed to the quality of the festival are:
14196194_10153738786561135_1723972485388618887_o-1140x855* Igor Kordej, Croatia
* William Simpson, Ireland
* Rufus Daylo, UK
* Mike Collins, UK
* Guillermo Ortego,
*Moreno Buratini, Italy
*Esad Ribic, Croatia
* Fabio Celoni, Italy
* Paolo Motura, Italy
* Zoran Janjetov, Serbia
* Darko Macan, Croatia
* Branislav Bane Kerac, Serbia
*Milorad Vicanovic Maza, BH
* Aleksa Gajic, Serbia
* Zoran Ðukanovic, Netherlands
Thanks to the persistence and support of many, HSF status rightfully reached the “Top-3 Comic Book Festival” in the region, and this year we will gladly join the fun crew from 07.-12.09.2018.

XIII Guitar Art Summer Fest – Magic of diversity

The thirteenth Guitar Art Summer Festival gathers all different tastes. The concert program is conceptually made in a way that everyone can choose his/her favorite concert.


This music festival has become an irreplaceable part of the summer in Herceg Novi. It is therefore obligation and pleasure of the Festival, that by choosing a quality program every year the expectation of our wonderful traditional audience is justified, but also desire to gain new audience. And for the greatest music lovers a very tasteful program is prepared. With the magic of baroque and Vivaldi, the spirit of Vencie will fly over the Adriatic Sea on quitar and violin strings to the Old town of Herceg Novi and music square on the concert of Peter Giran and the Hungarian chamber orchestra Anima Musicae.


Artists from far Korea for the first time participate, the mystique of Asia interpreted with jazz motifs is the basic part of the exotic program by Youn Woo Park Trio.

For the lovers of the eternal classical dialogue, the harmonies of the flute and guitar and concert of duo Linda Chatterton & Maja Radovanlija from the United States of America. Your regional tastes will be satisfied with the concert of the fabulous Georgios Georgopoulos quartet from Thessaloniki.


Find a feather, make your hair, dig up and find your grandparent’s clothes and visit the biggest Gatsby Swing party of this summer at the Adriatic coast that will be happening at Kanli Kula with with SWINGROWERS ensemble from Italy. Bojan Ivanovski Jobby will show you the magic of fingerstyle mastership on the acoustic guitar and rock & roll. The festival will be closed with the performance of one of the greatest authors on acoustic guitar Dusan Bogdanovic at the concert of Guitar Integrations together with the most talented young guitarists from Montenegro.

It is up to you to enjoy each of the different flavors in each of these six festival evenings.

XIII Guitar Art Summer Fest

15 – 20. August 2018

Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Concert program:

15. 08. 2018. Trg od muzike (Old Town)

21.00 Peter Giran & Anima Musicae kamerni orkestar

16. 08. 2018. Trg od muzike (Old Town)

21.00 Youn Woo Park Trio

17.08.2018. Trg od muzike (Old Town)

Herceg Novi Guitar Day

21:00 Linda Chatterton & Maja Radovanlija

22.00 Dušan Bogdanović

18. 08. 2018. Kanli kula

21.00 SWINGROWERS ansambl

19. 08. 2018. Trg od muzike (Old Town)

21:00 Bojan Ivanovski

20. 08. 2018. Trg od muzike (Old Town)

21.00 Guitar Integration

21.45 Georgios Georgopulos quartet


Exceptional La Perla

Check the unique place where it is believed that true excellence lies in the details: from crisp and exquisite exterior to state-of-art interior: designer furniture, carefully selected premium textiles and top-notch, branded cosmetics.
Villa Z is located on the first line in the La Perla residential complex and has direct access to the sea. Well-maintained area with a swimming pool and comfortable resting areas dispose to the unhurried rhythm of life and enjoyment of every day spent here.
Noble and laconic style of design of the Villa and 22 rooms emphasizes the status of guests and owners. The refined luxury in details here is combined perfectly with the overall atmosphere of European minimalism. The layout of each room includes spacious living room, three bedrooms with private terrace and panoramic sea views, and several bathrooms.
Residents of the Villa have access to all infrastructure facilities that allow each guest to fell the care and respect from the side of asset management company. Villa Z has all the facilities you need to enjoy a short stay here as well as long-term accommodation on the terms of acquisition of property. Due to the high set quality standards, Villa Z will become embodiment of the modern lifestyle in the heart of the Tivat Bay.
Once in bed, you will want to stay there all day. Bedding choice here is 100% satin, non-allergenic and very pleasant at the touch. Mattresses and pillows are carefully selected for your comfort and sweet dreams.
It’s all about details that make your stay unforgettable. La Perla is partnered with Bvlgari, and selected the most gentle scents and hypoallergenic cosmetics.
Let tranquil settings and exceptional staff of La Perla take you to the highest levels of inner peace through a personalized approach to various programs. Detoxifying methods will help you revitalize your body and bring you the balanced state. The spa reviving experience will lead you to the ultimate self-pampering journey. Reconnect with your loved ones and also book private massage programs for two!
La perla restaurant offers the perfect blend of of Italian and French cuisine with modern day cooking technologies.

Who wouldn’t enjoy the fresh seafood, and a glass of chilled rosé while the salty sea breeze of Kotor Bay floats in the air? Crafted from zero, La Perla restaurant has evolved into an elegant venue which fully awakens the appreciation for the art of food. The place offers an unusual gastronomic journey, a distinctive selection of wines, and signature cocktails served by skilled staff.
Executive-Chef Rafael Kazumyan with international experience in Michelin stars-awarded restaurants brought to us the groundbreaking food preparation philosophy. This approach echoes throughout the whole menu presenting the perfect blend of Italian and French cuisine based on modern technologies with the utmost respect for local traditions. The chef’s secret of a profound taste lies in the playful approach to local products and herbs, which our kitchen team hand-pick and use in the fermentation process to create unique flavors. No need to tell more: just come and taste something you never tasted before.
Draped in the azure colors of the sea, La Perla’s beach club reflects the essence of the coastal living: laid-back lifestyle, summer buzzing, and only positive vibes!
Once you step onto the La Perla beach zone you will feel the characteristic sense of leisure lifestyle that flows across the entire area. Draped in the azure colors of the sea, La Perla Beach Club reflects the essence of the coastal living: laid-back lifestyle, summer buzzing, and positive vibes only.
22-meter pool can easily become the most entertaining zone at the beach club, either for youth or families.


Dive into the sound of DJ’s lounge mix, let the water make you feel weightless and double your pleasure with the finest selection of refreshing cocktails and delicious Pizza!
Kayaks, paddle boards, aqua bike lessons are at your disposal at all times. Everything in this seductive, sexy and vibrant surroundings is set with a finger firmly on the pulse of summer pleasures, memorable Insta photos and loads of fun times. Enjoy yourself!
From exclusively private gatherings to unforgettable shows, concerts, dance parties and movie screenings – La Perla take entertainment to the next level.
We enjoyed our time at amazing La Perla!

Savina Winery Tour

The story of Savina winery is really a story of an estate, of a monastery and of our family. Many years ago we stumbled upon an old Venetian Land Register map dating from 1753 in the city museum. We discovered that our estate was called Villa di Meljine, with the entire stretch of Savina planted in vineyards, and we knew what we had to do.

DSC08975DSC08976DSC08979Our house, farm and winery are all located on the Savina hillside, above Savina Monastery in the town area of Meljine in Herceg Novi. The winery lies there, tucked away in lavish Mediterranean vegetation, in an idyllic coastal and woodland setting. Savina Monastery, some 200m away, dates all the way back to 1030, although the oldest records in which it is mentioned date back to 1648.

DSC08965DSC08973DSC08966As for our forage into winemaking, it started 17 years ago, as an extension of a great, sincere love of wine. After years of touring the best wineries in France, Italy and the region, my wife Gordana and I decided to do something for ourselves, our property and for the whole local area. Thus after returning from London to our hometown, we decided without much hesitation to plant vineyards on our estate. Today we have two hectares with international grape varietals (Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Chardonnay) and one indigenous white varietal, Žižak (zhizhak), similar to Dubrovnik’s Malvasia (as opposed to the Istrian one). The vineyards are located in the best part of the estate, with southern exposition, with a spectacular view over the sea.

DSC08999DSC08985DSC08994Our wines appeared on the market only in 2014. Until that point, other winemakers envied us for not having to sell our wine – we made it for ourselves and our friends, in smaller quantities, simply because we really enjoyed it. We are now still not burdened with any great expectations: our goal is to stay small and make wines for the Bay of Kotor, the coast and only a little bit for our friends in Belgrade, a total of no more than 20,000 bottles.

DSC09018DSC09054DSC09033DSC09070DSC09037Our wines are characterized by a light and breezy, summer style. This is true for our Chardonnay and Rose, but even for our red wines. Our plan is to make one serious dessert wine from the local variety Žižak. We recognize that being in the vineyard and winemaking in general is a great privilege. But primarily we wish to revive our locality, to preserve it, to renew it. We have recently planted vineyards on the monastery grounds because we want to make wine for Savina Monastery. Through winemaking, we wish to give greater meaning to our stay at this, in many ways, special place.

– Zoran Obradovic the owner of the Savina Winery.

To book Savina Winery Tour please contact us at info@montenegro.com .

Roman mosaics and 2nd-3rd century Villa Urbana in Risan

The rapid Romanisation of Risinium began after the subjugation of the Illyrians under King Gentius in 167 BC. Risinium became a typical Roman town, surrounded by walls, with a town centre – a forum in the Carina fields. Ancient tombs – necropolises – were located outside the walls, and in the southern side of town there was a residential area containing the villas of rich Risan landowners and traders. The remains of the eastern portion of a Roman urban villa were found in the early 20th century. Between 1956 and 1962 the mosaic flooring in four rooms of the villa was fully restored and conserved, and the first protective awning built. Another mosaic floor was discovered in 1972, on which conservation work was also done and a roof added.

risa2 Photo by TOKO

Partial restoration and conservation of all the walls of the villa around the central yard – the atrium – was also carried out. Roman mosaics decorate the floors of four of the five rooms in the eastern part of the villa, as well as two rooms in the western part. There are only traces of mosaic flooring in the remaining rooms. The technique used was one of large cubes of local grey and black stone, with motifs of the labrys – a double-bitted battleaxe originating from Crete. In the eastern wing of the villa a mosaic was laid displaying plant motifs, using stone cubes of varying size and colour (red, yellow, green, blue, black and white). In the middle there is a circular medallion depicting the Greek god of sleep, Hypnos, in the form of a winged boy leaning on the head of the bed. It is likely that this room was the bedroom of the villa’s owner – the dormitorium. Geometric chessboard-like patterns decorate the mosaic floor of the southern room, and beyond that there are a further two rooms with mosaics featuring geometric motifs and stylised sea life (cuttlefish and squid). It is thought that one of the corner rooms that do not have mosaics was the dining room (triclinium), with typical Roman couches.

risan Photo by TOKO

Montenegro Dolphin Sailing Tour

On board the ultimate world class cruising yacht, a Discovery 55, the Montenegro Dolphin Project will be guiding you in an adrenaline filled search and a lifetime opportunity to meet these magnificent creatures up close.

6-29-2017 3-24-29 PM

Take part in something extraordinary – set sail on a 4-day eco-tourism voyage on board the ultimate world class cruising yacht, a Discovery 55. Together with the Montenegro Dolphin Project Team you will have the opportunity to:

  • Traverse the exquisite Montenegrin coastline
  • Discover sailing techniques in the Bay of Kotor
  • Explore offshore waters in search of dolphins
  • Observe migratory bird species in Ulcinj Solana
  • Enjoy engaging with our marine biologists through on-board conservation and research activities


While sailing the Adriatic Sea, the team of researchers will be introducing you to the wonder of dolphin’s lives, their main threats and the possible ways to contribute to protecting their vulnerable world. The Ocean Going Sailing Yacht “Chance Discovery” will provide you with dolphin watching seats, a luxurious deck and saloon, refreshments and bathroom facilities.


Montenegro’s first long-term cetacean research project

The Adriatic sea holds one of the richest cetacean habitats in the Mediterranean, but unfortunately these animals are classified as either at risk or data deficient and are subject to various anthropogenic threats such as habitat degradation, by-catch, marine traffic and pollution. Unlike many Adriatic countries, Montenegro lacks annual cetacean survey efforts. Dedicated and systematic research is needed to collect important data on cetacean species for their subsequent conservation. For these reasons we launched the very first annual study in Montenegrin coastal waters in order to investigate the cetaceans’ regional status and help support future conservation strategies. Further, the Montenegro Dolphin Project employes scientific outreach techniques to raise marine environmental awareness within the local community.


For more information about 8 hours Sailing Tour with Wild Dolphins and Marine Wildlife Expedition please contact us on info@montenegro.com.

Thank you for your support!

Montenegro Wine Tour

If you love wine and want a unique holiday then you should not miss going on one of the wine tours on offer in Montenegro.

It is not widely known that Montenegro, apart from its beautiful seaside and mountain villages, also boasts regions that are famed for producing exceptional and world-renowned wine varieties. France, Italy and Portugal have for many years been building credibility as top tourist destinations thanks to wine tourism. The many scenic regions of our country are perfect for enjoying this type of tourism. The mild Mediterranean climate, the composition of the soil and the favorable location provide ideal conditions for cultivating vineyards and growing grapes. The best-known grape-growing areas are Crmnica, Nahije, Komani, Bjelopavlici and other wine-producing villages around Lake Skadar. Montenegrin wines are produced from various types of grape, including Krstac, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Vranac.


In 2010 and 2011, signage was put up and the “Wine Roads” of Montenegro were fully marked out. A tourist map of the wine tours can be picked up in local tourist offices in any town in Montenegro, at hotel receptions and in travel agencies. If you like an active holiday, the Wine Roads offer you a chance to visit wine cellars, taste wines, walk through the vineyards and even take part in grape-picking. Wine can be tested, tried and purchased in wine cellars, while some wineries also offer accommodation, so visitors can get the complete experience, learn about the history of the winery, see wine being made and of course enjoy the finished product.