The 5 Best Hotels for Experiencing Times Square

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For a winter vacation that’s worth bundling up for, why not consider heading to one of the greatest cities on earth? Yes, we’re talking about New York City, which welcomes over 56.4 million tourists a year— with 50 million of them heading to Manhattan’s iconic Times Square for its legendary restaurants, broadway shows, street entertainment, and shopping options. (Bonus points if visiting to witness the New Year’s eve ball drop!)

While New York is often considered the city that never sleeps, getting to experience Times Square and then walk right to a hotel to continue soaking in the sights is a real win-win. We’ve rounded up five hotels in the heart of Times Square that will make any trip to the Big Apple even that much more worthwhile.
Millennium Broadway Hotel

A room with a view (of Times Square) for $200 a night? Experiencing the The Millennium Hotel is hard to pass up, especially since it’s situated only a half block away from the heart of Times Square. They also offer coupons, promotions, and deals for things to do in and near Times Square for their guests, from dinners out to broadway plays—all within walking distance. Perhaps the best part is the hotel offers child care, too, so parents can treat themselves to a night out even if they have kids.


Hilton Garden Inn

For the hands-down best offer found in Times Square, look no further than the Hilton Garden Inn. Rooms range from $109-144, and it’s still only steps away from the hustle and bustle of the city, including lines to grab discounted theatre tickets. The Garden Inn also has not only a gym, but a Stay Fit Kit for its guests, which consists of a yoga mat, dumbbells, and a Thera-Band—so people can get a good workout in and still enjoy a cocktail at the hotel’s rooftop lounge.
Night Hotel Times Square

Think of this hotel as an indoor version of Times Square. The suave and sleek lobby is bursting with colored lights, aquariums, and modern furniture and art. There is also a restaurant and lounge right at the hotel to enjoy a meal and a drink before heading to the next venture outdoors. Rates start at $199, another reasonably priced place to stay while being a block away from all the entertainment outside.
Room Mate Grace

After a long day walking around, who wouldn’t want to relax in an indoor pool and steam room and then enjoy a drink that overlooks over the city? Room Mate Grace is literally 300 meters from the center of Times Square, and has a selection of rooms from basic twins to luxury suites. There’s also luggage and laundry service, breakfast options, and access to VIP tickets for clubs right down the street. Depending on how fancy guests want to get, rooms go for $300-$700 a night.


New York Marriott Marquis

Now this is vacation. The New York Marriott Marquis comes fully equipped with feather-bed mattresses, luxurious bathtubs, and rooms filled with granite and marble. The best part are the views; many of the rooms have stunning views that look straight into Times Square. Perhaps the coolest part of this place, though, is its signature revolving restaurant on the rooftop, called nothing else but “The View.” Rooms typically start for less than $600 a night.

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